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Wednesday 20 January, 2pm-3pm (GMT)

As we enter yet another lockdown, many of us (more than perhaps we’d like to acknowledge) are struggling with our emotions and equilibrium. Work, working from home, family, finances, job security, home schooling – this gamut of pressures are relentless and common to us all, and they weigh heavily on our shoulders. But an additional unnecessary burden too many of us carry is the guilt of feeling weak. “I should be coping better”; “it’s my role to be strong for others”; “everyone else seems to be coping so why do I feel so low?”; “I daren’t ask for help…”.

The reality is that most of us feel like this. You are not unusual. You are not alone. In this session, individuals from a range of backgrounds describe their struggles during Covid-19, how they deal with them, how they support others, and how we can adapt and adopt coping strategies as we wait for this crisis to ease.


Facilitated by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG



Pete Finlay (info), Serial Entrepreneur (UK)
Peter Wood (info), Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP (UK)
Tarquin Follis OBE (info), Deputy Chairman, Reliance acsn (UK)
Hannah Tufts (info) Owner, EXHALE Barcelona (Spain)
Nicole Sutherland, Director, Mayhaven Healthcare (UK)


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