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Monday 22 March, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Mandiant Red Teams use the experience and threat actor knowledge gathered from incident response frontlines to provide adversary simulation programs. These mimic, in-depth, the most devastating ransomware attacks organisations will face in 2021, providing the real-life assessment BEFORE the real-life impacts.

In the age of company-ending ransomware attacks, the most crucial aspect of a strong adversary simulation program is the ability to mimic the cyber attacks as closely as possible to the real thing, in order to aid clients in understanding the very real threats they face. For the Mandiant Red Team, the vast Threat Intelligence and Research ecosystem at the heart of the company provides this; from detailed analysis of the latest ransomware group phishing techniques, to reverse engineered toolkits and tactics, all aspects must be studied and continuously integrated into the Red Team Operations playbook to stay relevant.

This talk details the research, planning and execution that goes into providing the assurance and accurate benchmarking of a company’s defences against the impacts of ransomware destruction and theft before it happens.


Facilitated by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG


Presented by

Jay Christiansen, Principal Consultant, Mandiant


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