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Tuesday 4 May 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

The cloud. A form of outsourcing which gave us challenges, including the governance and trust model applied to what are in fact third-party contractors. Should you implicitly trust them for IAM controls? Or not adopt SaaS at all? Or only adopt hybrid or some complex, in-between solution? Should you trust your contractor for the integrity of the authentication, verification, or authorisation processes?

IDEE GmbH – the European champion for verifiable, zero-trust, password-less authentication, offers a disruptive new model whereby organisations need not trust their IDP and can stay in control of their authentication, verification, and authorisation processes – including the policy decision point (PDP) as defined by the NIST Zero-Trust Architecture.

We discuss how the German standards for privacy and security by design shape the architecture choices that you can make today.


Chaired by

Al Lakhani (info), Founder and CEO, IDEE



Sascha Bach (info), IT Project Manager, Deka Bank
Daryl Burns (info), Cyber Security Consultant, Cryptique Consulting
David Cartwright (info), Head of IT Security, Standard Bank International Client Solutions


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