fbpx Is your dishwasher trying to kill you? (The dangers of IoT in the smart home) | SASIG
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Friday 30 April 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

In an increasingly connected world, more devices than ever are now online. From fridges to toothbrushes, the world is getting smarter.

The data harvested can often lead to a more efficient and tailored experience, but what risks do they possess? Many IoT devices collect sensitive and even very personal data which could potentially become a treasure trove to attackers.

Smart devices have taken the market by storm but how easily can they be hacked? And what about privacy?

ESET researchers have looked into this modern attack vector and Cyber Security Specialist Jake Moore unravels the potential hacks and data leaks that malicious actors could use to target unsuspecting victims.


Facilitated by

Peter Wood (info), Partner, Naturally Cyber


Presented by

Jake Moore (info), Cyber Security Specialist, ESET


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