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Friday 26 November 2021, 11am-12noon (GMT)

The hybrid workforce is not just an eighteen-month blip in the evolution of the organisational workspace, it is a reality that the C-Suite needs to address before it becomes even more of a security risk. Security controls that were relaxed in the rush to enable everyone to work remotely have not always been reinstated, home computers became work computers, and work laptops became home computers – multi-purposed for online shopping, school work and more.

The traditional network security perimeter is dead, buried, and long forgotten in the new working paradigm. Our newly hybrid workers may be in the office occasionally, but is that enough to ensure the security of all their files, activities, processes, and devices? The old methods of working with multitudes of siloed tools and teams created increased risk and cost; which any new approach needs to categorically reduce. This new era is a chance to avoid repeating the mistakes of the network security era, even as we see increases in attack surfaces and attack volume and sophistication.

The breach headlines keep coming: No wonder CISOs are jumping at every shadow that moves…

In this session, we:

  • Review the new threat landscape in the day of home computers and corporate networks.
  • Critique the cultural and psychological impact the hybrid approach has on people, security, and organisational change.
  • Look at a new way of fighting the hybrid onslaught (without losing your head or raising costs and risks).
Guest chaired by

Glen Hymers (info), Head of Data Privacy and Compliance, Cabinet Office

Presented by

Thom Langford (info), Global Security Advocate, SentinelOne


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