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Tuesday 18 January 2022, 9.30am – 2pm (GMT)

This virtual conference was held in association with:

Healthcare has been at the forefront of many people’s minds over the past two years as we have battled the Covid-19 pandemic, and the sector’s systems and processes have been tested in more ways than one. We had a fantastic day of virtual discussions around keeping patient data secure, digital strategies and advancements in healthcare, the impact of cybersecurity incidents on patients’ health, and securing supply chains. We explored how all those responsible for safeguarding patient information can pragmatically manage the security of health and care information, and what the future of healthcare looks like in an increasingly digital age.

Co-chaired by:

Martin Smith MBE (info), Founder and Chairman, The SASIG
Adam Wild, Group Head of Technology Risk, Information Security and Operational Resilience

Recordings are available for the following sessions:

Welcome and Opening keynote – The cybersecurity strategy for health and social care

Martin Smith MBE and Adam Wild welcome and introduce the day, followed by the opening keynote where Phil Huggins and John Noble CBE give a summary preview of the cybersecurity strategy for health and social care to be published in April 2022. They also describe the important new cybersecurity guide developed and published for NEDs of NHS trusts that is relevant to many other organisations.


Navigating the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

Dr Will Priestley shares some of the best practices on working with the toolkit. We discuss why health services need the DSPT and what ambitions you should have in using it to your benefit, the 10 Data Security Standards and how to tackle them, and how to demonstrate you are achieving and sustaining these standards.


Building a people-centric cybersecurity strategy for healthcare

Adenike Cosgrove gives us an insight into the incidents taking place in the healthcare sector at the moment, together with some genuinely useful hints and tips on what we should all be considering to be more secure.


Health impacts from cyber events

Maintaining robust cybersecurity is a challenge, and although new digital technologies and ever-larger quantities of data provide opportunities to improve health and care, they also present enormous risks in protecting data and maintaining safety, privacy and trust of patients. Dr Saira Ghafur provides valuable insights into the steps organisations can take to improve their cybersecurity and resilience, details the latest resources and support available from Government and NHS agencies, and highlights global research initiatives.


Mapping clinical outcomes to cyber events

Dr Saif Abed explores how to translate technical cybersecurity data, such as network telemetry and vulnerability intelligence, into useful real-time patient safety and clinical risk metrics that can drive decision making at the executive management level, from the hospital setting to Government. He also shares his experience as a medical doctor and cybersecurity expert analysing frontline risks and his organisation’s latest methodologies for qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.

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