Security Intelligence Masterclass – 6th Financial Services SASIG Workshop | SASIG
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Thursday 10 February 2022, 9.45am-11.15am (GMT)

Security intelligence is key to proactively disrupting our adversaries – looking out over the horizon to anticipate where attacks will come from rather than waiting until they appear at our walls. Clear, timely, accurate and actionable security intelligence will allow us to make informed decisions and take effective action. But too much myth and mystery still surrounds this vital part of the organisation’s defensive regime.

In this masterclass, we will delve into security intelligence. How is it gathered, triaged, prioritised, and applied? How does it define the cyber risk landscape and how can it be used to reduce our third-party risks? What are the sources of security intelligence (in-house and third party) and how may we develop our own security intelligence programs?

Led by

Maggie Titmuss MBE Director Intelligence and Incident Response, and Philip Marshall Head of Intelligence Services, Lloyds Banking Group

With contributions from: 

Tarquin Folliss OBE Vice Chairman, Reliance acsn
Dr Jamie Collier Cyber Threat Intelligence Consultant, Mandiant

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