The Chief’s Brief with James Hadley, CEO and Founder, Immersive Labs | SASIG
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James founded Immersive Labs in 2017 with a mission to help organisations build confidence in the cyber knowledge, skills and judgement of their entire workforce. His inspiration came from his time teaching GCHQ’s cyber school, where he noticed traditional training methods suited neither the people nor the pace of cybersecurity.

He developed a methodology to address this problem by using data to allow human cyber abilities to be measured, mapped to risk factors, and then optimised in line with a security strategy for the first time. These foundations would form the basis of what Immersive Labs is today.

With fast-growing global operations, the company now helps some of the world’s largest and most prestigious organisations build cyber resilience and reinforce crisis response using the power of their entire workforce.

We were privileged to hear more about James’ career, discuss his views of the international cybercrime landscape, and explore the philosophy and methodology that shapes Immersive Labs today.


Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG, in conversation with James Hadley (info), CEO & Founder, Immersive Labs

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