The psychology of fraud and online-enabled crime | SASIG
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This webinar has been postponed.

Further details to be announced.

Originally planned for Friday 9 September 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)
New date to be announced

The security industry is saturated by the notion that education is the absolute key to fraud and cybercrime prevention, especially when enforcement is still dictated by borders and jurisdiction.

And while there is nothing wrong with this idea, we continue to work towards a magical watershed moment when the public ‘just get it!’.

But despite our best awareness and education efforts, fraud, cybercrime and, by extension, online-enabled crime continue to increase at an incredible rate.

Join us as we explore how our current approach to security awareness misses the mark and ignores lessons from our own psychology and our evolving relationship with technology.

If you are a member of ISACA, ICA or The Security Institute, you can earn CPE/CPD points for attending our webinars live. Remember to log your attendance with your provider to be credited.

Chaired by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman and Founder, The SASIG

Presented by

Paul Maskall (info), Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention Manager, Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) UK Finance

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