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Monday 10 October 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)

Do you feel security analytics and operations are more difficult than two years ago? If you said yes, almost two-thirds of organisations would agree with you.

To make informed decisions about security, we’ve been collecting more and more data from an ever-increasing number of sources. It’s left SecOps teams drowning under the deluge of telemetry from overly complex and siloed environments, and many organisations struggling with the challenges of significant blind spots, conflicting messages about the same event, and a poor time to detect and respond.

In this session, Secrutiny’s Ade Taylor and Google Cloud’s Ian Heritage will guide you through taking control of any incident from detection to investigation to response at the speed and scale of Google. Join them for access to practical tips on how to handle the ever-growing security data processing demand.

If you are a member of ISACA, ICA or The Security Institute, you can earn CPE/CPD points for attending our webinars live. Remember to log your attendance with your provider to be credited.

Guest chaired by

Ian Hancocks (info), Global Client Director, International Compliance Association (ICA)

Presented by

Ade Taylor (info), Technical Director, Secrutiny
Darren Swift (info), Security Specialist Engineer, Google Chronicle Security

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