Bridging the communication gaps between Execs and InfoSec Specialists | SASIG
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Wednesday 12 October 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)

InfoSec has a language of its own. And situations often arise where IT and security team members can convey messages to one another which make sense to those ‘in-the-know’, but are nonsense to the outside world. If specialists continue to speak in this way outside of their teams, say to the company executives, messages may be lost in translation.

As experts in our field, we must adapt our presentations of information to our audience, make it appropriate to their level of knowledge, and not assume understanding. We must also be aware that stakeholders have different priorities – both from us, and each other.

In this session, we review issues such as cloud enablement, vulnerability management, and compliance in terms of the type of security information different stakeholders are looking for, according to their role and responsibilities.

Guest chaired by

Jez Rogers, Cyber Security Advisor, SEROCU Cyber Protect & Cyber Choices

Presented by

Justin Berman (info), Technical Director, Skybox Security

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