Confusing the supply chain – Hacking 1B$ companies with a few lines of code | SASIG
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Wednesday 14 December 2022, 11am-12noon (GMT)

In the past years, the cybersecurity world has seen an incredible evolution in terms of cyber defence, from a technological, operational, and strategical perspective.

In this webinar, we discovered external threat actors are evolving and finding new, creative way to compromise organisations.
One of the main trends observed in the past years was the rise of supply chain attacks. These attacks, although sometimes simple to perform, can lead to tremendous consequences.

Watch now for an overview of supply chain attacks, with real-life examples of the most successful supply chain attacks used in the wild, and a focus on a specific kind of supply chain attacks: dependency confusion.

The aim of this presentation was to give not only an overview of the attack, but will also explain how it works, what it is likely to target, and what strategies an organisation can use to mitigate the risk of such an attack.

Guest chaired by

Christoph Teuber (info), Senior Operations Officer, Swiss RE Management

Presented by

Alessandro Magnosi (info), Principal Consultant, BSI

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