ChatGPT: Supercharging AI-based cyber attacks and script kiddies | SASIG
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Wednesday 1 March 2023, 11am-12noon (GMT)

AI technology has positioned itself for years as a potential improver of efficiency across a variety of industries, professions and tasks. But the truth is that AI is simply a tool… and whether it is used for good or bad is down to the human wielding it.

As smarter AI machines develop, such as ChatGPT, security leaders must be aware of a stark increase in not just social engineering and encrypted ransomware attacks from veteran threat actors, but also empowered script kiddies who can now generate malicious code with the click of a button.

Guest chaired by

Stuart Frost BEM (info), Head of Enterprise Security & Risk Management, DWP

Presented by

Nas Ali (info), Cyber Security Content Lead, The Security Company

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