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Friday 17 March 2023, 11am-12noon (GMT)

With the ever-increasing security threat from cybercrime and nation-state attacks, technical security defences cannot be deployed in isolation from human security defences. Security champions are a key component of an organisation’s human firewall.

Do you want to learn more about leading a security champions programme?

  • Sarah McGuinness shares her experiences of leading a global security champions programme at a leading fintech organisation. She also shares the tangible deliverables that security champions have contributed from establishing a security champions programme.

Do you like the idea of a security champions programme, but are not sure who to recruit within your organisation? 

  • Sarah talks through the roles that she found particularly valuable, as well as the personal characteristics that she appreciates in a security champion.

Do you know who you would like to recruit, but are having difficulty signing up participants?

  • Sarah describes many different incentives and her experience of using these methods to secure talent.

Finally, are you managing an established security champions programme within a large and complex organisation? 

  • Sarah shares the challenges that her programme has faced and what has worked in tackling these challenges.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how to identify security champions and recruit them
  • Discover how to address the challenge of an organisation’s scale when establishing and managing a security champions programme
  • Find out how to address the challenge of an organisation’s churn rate when establishing and managing a security champions programme
  • Develop a strategy to address the challenges of an organisation’s location and culture when establishing and managing a security champions programme.
Guest chaired by

Simon Mair (info), Head of Information Security and Data Privacy, Brewin Dolphin

Presented by

Sarah McGuinness (info), Head of Security Education and Awareness, Civil Service

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