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Friday 9 June 2023

The rise of cyberattacks and the implications of GDPR has brought new risks and with this, a new appetite for awareness and education of users.

Today, security awareness is a journey to embed secure behaviours in people’s daily lives, but what worked before is becoming stale and repetitive.

This webinar will answer the question “I’ve tried everything but there are still some people who do not understand the risks – what can I do?”

We were joined by Wavestone’s cyber awareness experts, who share their practical advice and best practice in security awareness and training.

Discover their five-step ‘TAMAM’ methodology that addresses people-based security risks by instilling effective security behavioural change and building an effective cybersecurity awareness programme.

Guest chaired by

Amanda Coleman (info), Director, Amanda Coleman Communication

Presented by

Jack Martin (info), Manager, Wavestone
Noëmie Honoré (info), Senior Manager, Wavestone

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