Unveiling scale: How hackers exploit generative AI to craft phishing scams | SASIG
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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Step into the alarming landscape of phishing scams being designed and executed at an unprecedented scale. We’ll explore the intricate tactics hackers employ, including how they utilise AI-driven tools to impersonate trusted entities, exploit vulnerabilities, and create sophisticated phishing campaigns across industries.

In this session, you’ll discover how forward-thinking enterprises are integrating machine learning into native email security tools to uncover elusive zero-payload email attacks that slip past secure email gateways and native email security. You’ll also discover how advanced AI algorithms can pre-emptively identify and thwart emergent phishing threats in the era of AI-powered cyber warfare.

Guest chaired by

Ian Hancocks (info), Commercial Director, Financial Edge

Presented by

Andrew Goodman (info), Director, Product Marketing, Tessian

Daniel Linder (info), Senior Director of Data Science, Tessian

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