From prey to play: Think like an attacker to level up your security | SASIG
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Monday 2 October 2023, 11am-12noon BST

In any conflict, competitive situation, or attack, it pays to think like your adversary. From troops on the battlefield calculating their next move, to birds in the wild protecting their nests. Vital intel about your weaknesses or how your enemy might prevail can often be the difference between survival and compromise.
Cybersecurity is no different. By gaining intelligence into the tactics, techniques and procedures used by the adversary, we can predict how best to upscale our toolkits to thwart attackers before they strike our systems.
Watch now to learn how to think like the adversary and address security posture weaknesses to close gaps in the attack surface that attackers see from their vantage.

Guest chaired by

Simon Mair (info), Independent Information Security and Data Privacy Professional

Presented by

Paul Norris (info), Senior Systems Engineer, SentinelOne

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