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Thursday 5 October 2023

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We are delighted to present our second event of the year around cybersecurity awareness with our hosts, BT. Our theme continued to centre on the importance of people when it comes to technology adoption. It seems technological innovation is happening at an extraordinary pace, making what we think we have only just adopted, obsolete. For all businesses, incorporating change at this pace is a daunting challenge, no less so when understanding and meeting the security implications. Managing that change includes preparing our people: sensitising them to new threats where AI and other new technologies will have a significant impact; encouraging diversity of thought and opinion to avoid the dreaded groupthink; and training our teams to adopt new technology while minimising the unintended consequences. Our discussion focused on the human element of innovation, the relevance of awareness and how to respect Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong probably will. It could be argued that continuous technological change makes investing in our people even more critical.

Presentations on the day included:

Welcome and introductions
John Scott (info), Lead Security Researcher, CultureAI
Vic Djondo (info), Senior Manager, Engagement & Transformation, BT

Opening keynote
Dominic Wood, Security Governance and Assurance Director, BT

Panel session: Cybersecurity Awareness: The diversity of outlook and how we encourage left-of-field thinking
Facilitated by Vic Djondo (info), Senior Manager, Engagement & Transformation, BT
Elizabeth Murray (info), Enterprise Customer Success Manager, CybSafe
Tim Ward (info), CEO & Co-founder, ThinkCyber
Katie Inns (info), Security Consultant, WithSecure
Cal Brown (info), Story Team Lead, BT

Why cybercriminals are targeting your company
David Hitchen (info), Senior Solutions Architect, Semperis

Social engineering 2.0: Manipulative machines and you
Justin Jones (info), Managing Director, Social Machines

Security awareness: A framework to change behaviour
Noémie Honore (info), Senior Manager, Wavestone
Jack Martin (info), Manager, Wavestone

Panel session: Looking to the Future: Preparing the way for technology adoption
Facilitated by John Scott (info), Lead Security Researcher, CultureAI
Jonathan Cooper, Authentication Services, BT
Isabel Forkin (info), Head of Cyber Lab Services, BSI

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