Why simulated phishing campaigns fail, and how to make sure yours doesn’t | SASIG
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Friday 3 November 2023, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Phishing attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organisations worldwide. In an effort to mitigate this risk, many test their employees with simulated campaigns. However, these can often have unintended negative consequences.

We explore the five main reasons simulated phishing campaigns damage trust, weaken your security culture, and fail to reduce overall phishing risk.

To combat the shortcomings of traditional simulated phishing campaigns, a new approach known as ‘agile phishing’ has emerged. These adaptive and dynamic simulations align with real-world attack techniques and incorporate continuous learning and feedback loops to foster better employee engagement, learning, and overall resilience against phishing attacks.

Is agile phishing the solution to developing a resilient and security-conscious workforce? Will they help us overcome the trust issues and limitations to effectively reduce phishing risk and empower our people to become an integral part of the overall security defence strategy?

We also discuss the metrics that will give us a comprehensive understanding of our vulnerabilities and overall security posture, and how to get them. We’ll give you a hint – it’s more than the click rates, report rates and dwell times…

Guest chaired by

Ian Hancocks (info), Commercial Director, Financial Edge

Presented by

Joe Giddens (info), Director of Content, CybSafe

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