From awareness to measurable behaviour change; a behavioural science perspective | SASIG
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Monday 5 February 2024, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Traditional awareness programmes assume that the ‘problem’ with insecure behaviour stems from a lack of knowledge, skills or understanding. But in this talk, Tim explored why behavioural science says otherwise.

Tim touched on how habits bypass executive function, and how cognitive biases result in us acting without thinking. Drawing on this and theories like the Habit Discontinuity Hypothesis, he explored how we can adapt our awareness approaches to drive secure behaviours – with real examples that can be applied in organisations large and small.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand and avoid common mistakes made in tackling security awareness
  • Understand the behavioural science, learning science, and psychology behind why traditional approaches fall down
  • Understand how knowledge of these theories can be used to move beyond awareness and towards secure behavioural change and reduced risk
  • Actionable insights to apply to any organisation’s approach, be it large or small
Guest chaired by

Supt Vanessa Eyles (info), Managing Director, West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre

Presented by

Tim Ward (info), Co-founder & CEO, Think Cyber

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