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Wednesday 7 October, 11am-12noon (BST)

How do we safeguard our organisation in a crisis, whether it be a technological catastrophe, malicious intent from a hacker, reputation damage caused by an accidental insider threat, or disturbances caused by the natural world?

In an emergency, the public relies on the police, fire, trauma surgeons and the military to deal with situations. They are trained to deal with stress and complexity that comes only from these circumstances, and the ‘fog of war’. Operating an F-14 around an aircraft carrier is one of the most extreme examples of intensity that exists, within the most dangerous of workplaces. As an F-14 Pilot for the US Navy, Rob had extensive training to survive out there, as you can imagine.

In this next talk, Rob shares more of his tips, tricks and war stories with us that all of us can learn from, as he relates his experiences to how we should deal with this new world we live in.


Chaired by

Oz Alashe (info), CEO, Inogesis


Presented by

Rob Kerner (info), CEO, Inogesis


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