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Thursday 19 July 2018

At previous SASIG meetings we have identified that one of the most significant barriers between cybersecurity leaders and their boards of directors is a lack of meaningful metrics.

About this event...

Studies consistently reveal that boards are still struggling to get to grips with the cybersecurity challenge; they know it is a risk but are still uncertain about its scale and thus what to do about it. But by measuring effectively the real-world success of risk management programmes those boardrooms will better understand their current risk exposures, appreciate the best risk reduction for their investments, and help identify where resources can best be focused to reduce vulnerabilities and improve security.

Communicating effectively with our boards, to ensure they understand the implications and issues, is critical in minimising the frustration felt by them about how risks to information assets are measured and mitigated. Unless and until more is done to improve such understanding and governance at the highest level we can expect to see more high-profile breaches and casualties. Metrics are essential to prove and enable strategic cybersecurity plans and objectives. They must be quantifiable against clearly defined attributes.

Topics covered:

In this event (an amalgam of two previous SASIG workstreams “Reaching the boardroom” and “Security Metrics”) we will explore a common, core suite of meaningful metrics that can be adopted by any organisation, operating in any sector. Sector-specific metrics can be added where necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

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