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Tuesday 26 November 2019


High-profile cybersecurity breaches occur seemingly daily, and without respite. The UK Government considers cyberattacks to be a ‘Tier 1’ threat to UK plc and the CBI considers cybercrime as the greatest danger to business today. Corporations’ reputations can be seriously harmed by high profile strikes and customers’ lack of online trust is beginning to undermine the growth of the digital economy. We are all on the front line and Jersey is no exception.

While cybersecurity remains surrounded by fear and myth, many of the underlying fixes are readily available, straightforward and easily implemented. With a modicum of knowledge and plateful of common sense, any business director will be equipped to recognise and address the cyber risk to their organisation. There is much to do, and urgently, but cybersecurity is not something magical nor technical, nor is it something to be afraid of. Directors can and must confront this challenge in the same way they would any other business risk.

The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) and The Security Awareness Special Interest Group (SASIG) have formed an alliance to brief Jersey businesses on the real nature of the cyber threat, and the steps they should be taking to defend their organisations.

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