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Actional tips to get buy in from your board

A CISO’s success rides on their ability to demonstrate the meaningful business impact and value of security programs or initiatives to the company board. Being unable to articulate an organisation’s risk posture, explain strategy, prove value, or obtain financial support means security programs suffer. In turn, so does a CISO’s career.

Boards know they can’t ignore security, but if you fail to connect with the board, you might not be invited back.

While it might be intimidating, proving the value of your security program to the board isn’t impossible. In this e-Book, LogRhythm outlines 7 ½ ways to prove the value of your security program to your board and enable you to step into the board room with confidence and a better chance of success.


Brought to you by LogRhythm and the SASIG.



Download your white paper: Gain board-level support for your security program


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