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Email authentication for better email security – a 5-week programme

DMARC is considered the industry standard for email authentication to prevent malicious third parties sending harmful email attacks using an organisation’s domain. By implementing DMARC, you lower the odds of your domains being spoofed and used for phishing attacks against others. DMARC is also an important defence against Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Beginning Wednesday 5 May 2021, GCA will conduct five weeks of free online technical training focused on what DMARC is and how to implement it. By the end of the bootcamp, participants will have enough information and confidence to move to the highest DMARC policy level of ‘reject’ immediately or within a few months.

Sessions are designed as a progressive training course, but if you are unable to attend all sessions live, recordings will be available to help you catch up or as a refresher. 

Please note: Official registration for this course closed on Monday 3 May 2021. GCA has kindly agreed to allow the SASIG community to sign up after this date, however registrations after the closing date may not be eligible for CPE points or a certificate of completion. Registering will still give you access to any and all sessions you wish to attend, either live or recorded. You only need to register for the overall course – not individual sessions.

The full course

Session 1 – BEC and DMARC in a Nutshell

Wednesday 5 May at 1pm or 6pm

This webinar features a brief overview of the bootcamp, along with an overview of DMARC that explains what DMARC protects against (including BEC), why it is important to implement, and the various components involved with implementation.


Session 2 – What are SPF and DKIM?

Wednesday 12 May at 1pm or 6pm

DMARC requires the use of SPF and DKIM. This session will review SPF and DKIM, covering the basics of SPF and DKIM and options of performing DKIM key generation and signing.


Session 3 – DMARC in Detail and Online Technical Demos

To gain the certificate of completion, you must attend at least one of these sessions, but you can choose to attend two or even all three sessions if you wish.

Tuesday 18 May at 1pm or 6pm – demo of Windows DNS

Wednesday 19 May at 1pm or 6pm – demo of Linux DNS

Thursday 20 May at 1pm or 6pm – demo of Cloud DNS

These sessions will go into the technical aspects of creating a DMARC policy. Each will cover the tags for a DMARC policy and provide a demonstration of how to create the DNS records for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on various DNS platforms.


Session 4 – DMARC Reporting & Analysis: What Happens Next

Wednesday 26 May at 1pm or 6pm

This session looks at the next steps now that you have DMARC implemented. Learn about how to analyse and review the reports generated and what actions may need to be taken before moving to a DMARC enforcement level.


Session 5 – Bootcamp Review and Additional Protocols

Wednesday 2 June at 1pm or 6pm

This session is a quick review of the previous sessions and provides high-level information on other email security protocols.

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