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Apr 2020

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There is a sudden need in businesses across the world for team relationships to be maintained and strengthened while working remotely from one another. So, we are delighted to bring Kaspersky's scenario exercise KIPS (Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation) to our membership, delivering a fresh and engaging approach to cybersecurity. Utilising the latest learning techniques and addressing all levels of the organisational structure, this exercise is a valuable experience to staff of all organisations from any sector. Placing participants into a simulated business environment, teams of up to six members each will work together to face a series of unexpected cyber threats. Each team must take strategic, managerial and technical decisions using their problem-solving, collaboration, leadership and communication skills. As players proceed through a sequence of events, they will need to consider at each stage the security priorities against the business cost of a realistic cyberattack, to both maximise profit and maintain confidence. In this masterclass of how joined-up thinking is critical to an organisation's approach during such incidents, we will talk teams through the technical aspects that should be evaluated and guide participants through the implications of the choices that are made. By changing perceptions about cybersecurity, organisations can successfully lower the number of cyber-incidents and reduce associated financial losses, with an impact which lasts well into the longer-term. Attendees will complete the exercise, having benefited from... • Learning about current and emerging cyberthreats • Understanding the typical mistakes companies make when building their cybersecurity and incident response procedures • Realising the knock-on impact of decisions on operations and profitability • The cooperation that is needed between business and security teams to help maintain stable operations and sustainability to cyberthreats • Understanding the real role of cybersecurity in business continuity and profitability The exercise allows teams of up to six players from an organisation to compete with teams from other organisations, so what better way for your team to spend a Friday afternoon than through an informative and entertaining session together - virtually... with a considerable amount of kudos for the winning team. Facilitator: Lee Rendell, Pre-Sales Manager, Kaspersky PLEASE NOTE: • Only the team captain for each organisation is to register their team and its members. • Each team should comprise of at least four members, with a maximum of six permitted. • Multiple entries from an organisation will be emailed together for them to discuss and confirm their team captain and its members. • Upon registering your team, we will advise you of your allotted day. These will be allocated in order, firstly on the time that the team captain initially registered their team, then by the availability of the group as advised by their captain.

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Event date:
09 April 2020
Commencing at:
1:00 pm

The SASIG programme of
events explores a wide range of themes
and topics such as…

The role and career of the
CISO and the professionalisation
of the cybersecurity industry

Communicating effectively to the
boardroom about the cybersecurity challenges
that our organisations face

Fostering a commitment to equality, diversity and
inclusion within the cybersecurity profession while attracting
new talent to resolve the skills shortage it faces

GDPR and the significant
changes introduced by this new data
protection legislation

Best practice in raising
cybersecurity awareness
across organisations

Securing the
Internet of Things

The security
implications of Artificial

SASIG workstreams are both sector and topic based. SASIG travels regularly around the UK to bring its meetings to the UK’s regions – we recognise that many of our members have neither the budget, time or (frankly) the inclination to always travel to the London Metropolis.

We work hard to bring together the public and private sectors so that each may learn from and help the other.

There are numerous networking events including our annual formal gala dinner, our less formal Christmas luncheon and other social gatherings. Our balanced programme of events is designed to reach the widest possible audience, to support and direct organisations toward solutions, to inform our members about security trends, and to identify emerging security risks and threats.

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