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Claire Gordon

SASIG Administrator

From customer service, social media, project coordination to account management, my work background has been very varied to say the least. I have utilised and improved my organisation skills throughout all my roles. As SASIG Administrator, I use my keen eye for detail in coordinating the smooth running of events. I’m extremely goal-orientated and people focused, except for my time spent talking about my dogs and especially when Doris, the office dog, comes to visit and requires a lap cushion.

Security tip: Be mindful to use encrypted websites; look for the green padlock next to the web address to ensure that your data and passwords remain safe, especially when you’re on the move.

Conor McKenna

Digital Marketing Executive

I have a variety of experience within marketing covering multiple sectors, from digital marketing for businesses within the print industry to working as a marketing consultant in the IT service management industry. My role as digital marketing executive at SASIG means I get to work across multiple campaigns, creating and distributing informative and engaging content. Working within such a dynamic business and industry has enables me draw on and utilise all my past experience within digital marketing.

Security tip: Become familiar with the privacy policies of the social media channels you use and customise your privacy settings to control who sees what.

Danny King

SASIG Manager

I am responsible for the operation of our exciting SASIG events, including coordinating the high-quality speakers the conferences attract. Previously with The Security Company, I bring substantial project and account management experience to my new role. It's great how we enable the conversation on security between world-leading organisations, developing our events in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world.

Security tip: (Clear desk, clear screen) Ctrl + Alt + Delete followed by ‘lock screen’ works a treat for security.

Doris SmithWise

Chief Snack Supervisor

As chief snack supervisor I tend to make myself known whenever food is present. My parents are the founders, so I pretty much have free rein of the office, which allows me to investigate any smells and potential snacks. If I am not visible, it is usually because I am sitting by Nadia’s feet supervising fallen crisps.

Security tip: Never leave your lunch unattended, you never know who will be sniffing around to snap it up!

Jo Wise

Finance Director

As co-founder of TSC I am passionate about setting the strategic direction of our company, so that it can continue to grow. Over the years I have worked in every part of our business — I’ve been dubbed the ‘ultimate QC’ for my keen grammatical eye. But I’ve settled predominantly into the role of finance director. Every day brings a new challenge, so our amazing people have to be on their toes.

Security tip: If you work whilst on holiday, ensure you secure your devices and information at all times, as you never know who might be watching.

Martin Smith

Chairman and Founder

When I founded TSC more than 20 years ago, I would not have believed the exciting, stimulating (and, on occasion, frightening) adventure I had embarked upon. But when I look back now and around at our team, and all that we have achieved for our fabulous list of clients, I am beyond words. These days, I predominantly spend my time chairing our dedicated events company for cybersecurity professionals, the SASIG.

Security tip: Just like shoulder surfers, eavesdroppers can steal information silently. Do not discuss sensitive information if there is a chance of being overheard.

Mike Bailey

Head of Marketing

I have been lucky to have worked across several countries and cultures. Consequently, it is rare that client requests surprise me. As change and communications consultant, I am sure this claim will be challenged! A big sport and dog lover, I am also an hispanophile having lived and worked in Spain for 14 years. Always available but calls during Real Madrid games may go to voicemail.

Security tip: The number of people in your security team is equal to the number of people in your company multiplied by their social media accounts.

Nadia Khan

SASIG Administrator

My main responsibility is to coordinate our SASIG events. I have worked in the events industry since studying Events Management at university and have never looked back. I love the challenge and diversity of SASIG as no two events are ever the same. Organisation is my strongest skill, and I am determined to ensure that every event runs like clockwork.

Security tip: Remember to set strong PINs or passwords and check your settings to make sure that Siri or Google Assistant cannot be activated on the lock screen. Leaving your phone unlocked allows anyone to access your email and social media accounts, and call premium-rate numbers.

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