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Aaron Banbury

Data Administrator

Growing up in Singapore, among a very diverse population, I improved my communication skills and ability to connect with different cultures. I am very keen to learn as much about the cybersecurity industry as possible, and with "kiasu-ism" being a dominant part of Singapore society, I strive for constant improvement in all areas possible.

Security tip: Outdated software or operating systems can be vulnerable to various types of cybersecurity threats, so it's critical to ensure your systems receive all necessary updates and patches to keep your network safe.

Abigail Collins

Events Coordinator

As Events Coordinator, I'm responsible for the integrity and development of our databases. As a former copy editor and teacher, I have a passion for words and learning. I have a particular eye for detail – I've previously been dubbed the QC queen and the pixel police. I also ensure all our information is consistent across our data networks and maintained to our high standards.

Security tip: Screens are like doors – deter intruders by locking devices (such as laptops and mobiles), to protect systems and information.

Amelia Phillips

Content Coordinator

As Content Coordinator, I am responsible for showcasing what SASIG has to offer to its members by assisting in curating and planning the agendas for SASIG’s in-person and online events. After recently completing my degree in Journalism and Media, I feel like my skills have developed to assist SASIG greatly in this role.

Security tip: Combine three random words to create a stronger password. The longer and more unusual your password is, the harder it will be to crack.

Claire Gordon

Teamleader & HR lead

From customer service, social media, project coordination to account management, my work background has been very varied to say the least. I use my keen eye for detail in coordinating the smooth running of events. I’m extremely goal-orientated and people focused, and thrive on supporting my team to succeed in all they do!

Security tip: Be mindful to use encrypted websites; look for the green padlock next to the web address to ensure that your data and passwords remain safe, especially when you’re on the move.

Danny King

Managing Director

I am responsible for the operation of our exciting SASIG events, including coordinating the high-quality speakers the conferences attract. I bring substantial project and account management experience to my role. It's great how we enable the conversation on security between world-leading organisations, developing our events in an ever-changing and increasingly digital world.

Security tip: (Clear desk, clear screen) Ctrl + Alt + Delete followed by ‘lock screen’ works a treat for security.

Doris SmithWise

Chief Snack Supervisor

As chief snack supervisor I tend to make myself known whenever food is present. My parents are the founders, so I pretty much have free rein of the office, which allows me to investigate any smells and potential snacks. If I am not visible, it is usually because I am sitting by Nadia’s feet supervising fallen crisps.

Security tip: Never leave your lunch unattended, you never know who will be sniffing around to snap it up!

Emily Shankley

Events Coordinator

My background in a diverse range of admin and customer service roles has enabled me to build up a variety of organisational tools and skills, which I look forward to sharing with the team at SASIG. I am passionate about customer satisfaction and am excited to work with clients and colleagues to make all our events run smoothly.

Security tip: You can be taking all the right precautions on your home security network, but if your family and other people using your network aren’t doing their part to keep everything secure, your efforts might not be enough.

Gavin Kapuscinski

Account Coordinator

As an Account Coordinator here at SASIG, I am responsible for maintaining partner and client relationships. My background in events, sales and customer service has allowed me to develop strong communication and organisation skills with people from all backgrounds. Joining SASIG is my first formal step into the cybersecurity sector, and I look forward to expanding my existing knowledge and passion for technology with the team. 

Security tip: Set up two-factor authentication for all of your online accounts. This is your first line of defence against any possible account breaches and is often the most accessible and effortless security for most standard internet users. 

Jo Wise

Finance Director

As co-founder, I am passionate about setting our strategic direction so it can continue to grow. I have worked in every part of our business over the years, and every day brings a new challenge, so our amazing people have to be on their toes.

Security tip: If you work whilst on holiday, ensure you secure your devices and information at all times, as you never know who might be watching.

Martin Smith

Chairman and Founder

I predominantly spend my time chairing our dedicated security awareness events for cybersecurity professionals. When I began in the industry, I would not have believed the exciting, stimulating (and, on occasion, frightening) adventure I had embarked upon. I am beyond words when I look around at our team and all we have achieved for and with our fabulous community.

Security tip: Just like shoulder surfers, eavesdroppers can steal information silently. Do not discuss sensitive information if there is a chance of being overheard.

Nadia Khan

Project Coordinator

My main responsibility is to coordinate our SASIG events. I have worked in the events industry since studying Events Management at university and have never looked back. I love the challenge and diversity of SASIG as no two events are ever the same. Organisation is my strongest skill, and I am determined to ensure that every event runs like clockwork.

Security tip: Remember to set strong PINs or passwords and check your settings to make sure that Siri or Google Assistant cannot be activated on the lock screen. Leaving your phone unlocked allows anyone to access your email and social media accounts, and call premium-rate numbers.

Nicole Carney

Events Coordinator

My background in admin, sales, reception and events has enabled me to build up essential skills in organisation and customer service, which helps me to ensure I provide the best service possible as an events coordinator at SASIG. I love the process that goes into every event we organise and take pride in all that we do.

Security tip: Think before you click. Just because you can click, doesn’t mean you should. Malicious links can damage in several ways, so inspect links and ensure they’re from trusted senders before clicking.

Simon Richardson

Security tip:

Simon Richardson

Account Coordinator

Security tip:

Tarquin Folliss OBE

Vice Chairman

I served for over 30 years as a senior diplomat in British Government, including the British Army and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, focusing mainly on national security policy. Having worked in the UK’s tech sector since 2013, I am particularly interested in human vulnerability and its impact on cybersecurity, as well as international affairs, the influence of geopolitics on cyber, and how it shapes the threat landscape

Security tip: Be ready for the worst. No matter how secure you feel, assume you will suffer a breach or attack and know what you will do when that happens.

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