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How to consider governance when implementing effective risk management

Data’s enormous commerce potential puts it at significant risk of abuse. Join us as we consider the governance that directs our organisations and risk alignments, and what influences that governance. Is it regulations, the industry, ethics, or culture? Plus, how can we ensure the board understand the risks, too? This is the first of two parts. You can register for the second session at www.thesasig.com/calendar/event/22-07-01-risk

Beyond The Lazarus Heist – The nation-state/cybercrime nexus

The Lazarus Group is accused of carrying out a decade of cyber attacks on behalf of the North Korean Government. We hear from author and investigative journalist Geoff White as he explores what this world tells us about the growing links between government cyber attackers and organised crime gangs. In his forthcoming book (which you can pre-order here: www.penguin.co.uk/books/447163/the-lazarus-heist), Geoff explores this topic further by taking you inside the hidden world of the Lazarus gang and its global network of criminal accomplices.

Anticipate and defend against adversaries targeting SaaS and IaaS

Misconfigured APIs, over-exposed sensitive data, and shadow admins are just some of the SaaS security challenges organisations face today. Join us as we will take a deep dive into some of the most common attack scenarios and cover steps you can take to secure your SaaS and IaaS environments.

How to cope with information overload

Ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, or simply exhausted from the endless scroll of news at your fingertips? While increasingly normal, this feeling is not good for our health or ability to focus. Our panel of experts share practical, sustainable tips for overcoming information overload.

Continuous compliance through visibility and automation

Increasingly complex network infrastructures, bad actors, and threat landscapes mean we need greater vigilance to ensure our cyber defences are monitored and effective. Learn how to run ‘what if’ analysis on network models, check your security posture and gain executive visibility into compliance.

Decoding the 4th round of MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Enterprise Evaluations

The latest round of evaluations brings much-needed visibility to the EDR and XDR space. Understanding the results helps drive advancement and alignment throughout the cybersecurity industry, so we take a deep dive into Wizard Spider, Sandworm, singularity XDR and what ATT&CK Evaluation means for businesses.

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