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Snack-size Active Directory security: 30 minutes a day keeps the bad guys away

Cleaning up years of configuration drift and technical debt can be daunting. But so is recovering from a cyber attack. Join us as we demonstrate a free tool that can identify and remediate identity threats in just half an hour – so there’s no need to choose between saving time and saving your identity infrastructure.

Reviewing role-based access control challenges and attack scenarios

Dive into a real-world attack scenario which exploited default deployment settings in a managed Azure Kubernetes environment and leveraged privilege escalation to access pods and services. Learn about attacker techniques, the dangers of privilege escalation, and how to address vulnerabilities in deployments.

Securing AI and ML apps in the cloud

Explore the unique security challenges for these deployments and examine effective safeguarding strategies. You’ll learn about new developments for continuous monitoring, threat detection, and protecting sensitive data, as we share valuable insights and practical guidance on proactive cybersecurity measures.

SA&T to HRM: 5 steps to elevate the maturity of your awareness programme

Want to turbocharge your awareness programme? We’ll walk you through how to assess your current programme’s maturity and how to elevate it from basic awareness to comprehensive human risk management. We’ll even give you practical, actionable steps to implement improvements effectively and overcome common challenges.

Wavestone’s market trends for DORA & resilience testing insight

With the Digital Operational Resilience Act due to come into force next year, many of us are preparing for its stringent requirements. Join us to discover key market insights and common interpretations, and to discuss the testing programmes that lack specification but aim to enhance our resilience posture.

Insights from the McPartland Review of Cyber Security and Economic Growth

The UK’s insurance, legal, and financial sectors are already world-leading – could cybersecurity join them? Explore the report’s recommendations for supporting productivity, competitiveness, innovation, diversity, inclusion, and leadership on the global stage with all that our industry has to offer.

The war in Ukraine: Geopolitical implications for our security

Our expert panel will examine the challenges besetting both sides in the conflict, and how the battlefield may yet influence the Year of Elections across the globe. Join us to learn how technology could be a significant player, with consequences for our future security and prosperity.

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