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CyberWomen Groups: Empowering tomorrow's leaders in cyber-based roles

The cybersecurity field has traditionally been dominated by men, but women are increasingly advancing and breaking down barriers. Join us to learn about an organisation providing a platform for women in cyber and the ways in which they are creating a community that inspires learning, networking, and positive change.

A CISO's vision of cloud security

Enhance your cloud security expertise with this insightful webinar on securing hybrid cloud environments in an increasingly connected world. We gave a high-level overview, discussed the differences between cloud environments, explored best practices for mitigating risks, and offered practical guidance.

The chief’s brief with Phil Huggins, National CISO for Health and Social Care, NHS England

Phil is an experienced security leader with a history in CNI, sensitive government, global financial services, and national regulators. In his current role, Phil sets system cyber policy, strategy, and architecture for the NHS, the DHSC, and social care providers, as well as acting as a NIS regulator and leading on national cyber incidents. We’re privileged to hear about Phil’s career and experiences.

Cyber insights: An insider view of red teaming and pen-testing

Watch now to learn proactive steps your organisation can take to fully understand your vulnerability to real world threats. You’ll see an attack simulation being set up and run, watch an assumed breach unfold, look at the difference between red teams and pen-testing, and how they actually work.

Data-driven defence: Fortifying supply chains with proactive risk management

Watch now to unravel the key components of a resilient supply chain and learn how identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks before they escalate into disruptions. We shared strategies, case studies, tools and actionable insights to help you navigate the risk landscape, harness data, and fortify your supply chain.

Operational resilience: Protecting against accidental incidents

Did you know that, statistically, outages are more likely to occur due to operational misconfigurations than external actors? Explore the repercussions of seemingly minor internal changes as we highlight some substantial global outages that stemmed from inadvertent incidents rather than deliberate malicious actions.

Left of Boom! A proactive approach to breach prevention

Watch now to explore the importance of adopting a left-of-breach strategy and the critical role of securing digital identities. We’ll showcase how this comprehensive approach uses cutting-edge identity management techniques, robust multi-factor authentication, and advanced technologies to thwart your cyber adversaries.

Sustainability – How can cyber do its part of the job?

Watch now to learn about a working group calculating greenhouse gas emissions linked to cybersecurity and developing methodologies to identify the controls with the highest emissions. We shared reduction strategies, a self-assessment tool, and insights on how you can progress your organisation’s sustainability journey.

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