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Zero Trust is a provable paradox: Prove me wrong

Everyone talks about the Zero Trust principle of ‘never trust, always verify’, but what does it really mean? And how do you demonstrate that your systems actually satisfy the critical requirements? Watch now for a lively debate on whether Zero Trust is a realistic achievement, or an impossible paradox.

The secret life of Teams: What really happens behind the scenes

Varonis walked us through the common challenges seen in the field, demonstrated how powerful collaboration features in M365 often result in complexity and pain for IT security, and showed us what truly happens under the hood when users share data in different ways.

Cyber Essentials: Are you certified? If not, why not?

DCMS joined us once again to ask you, the people on the front line, what you think about Cyber Essentials. Watch our discussion on Cyber Essentials – What are the benefits? How does it help supply chain assurance? What stops organisations from becoming certified, and how can DCMS help?

Mandiant Cyber Security Forecast 2023

Watch now for an exclusive overview of Mandiant's Cyber Security Forecast 2023 report, covering everything from attack types to security strategies. Discover what to expect in 2023, so you can be sure your organisation is ready for anything.

Defending and attacking native on-premise Kubernetes orchestration system

Do you use Kubernetes (or any other open-source container orchestration system) to help automate your software deployment and management? Watch now to learn how using default deployment settings introduces attack vectors that would allow an attacker to compromise your organisation’s systems, and what to do instead.

Live crisis simulation: Building the trust to make your workforce cyber resilient

Watch the Immersive Labs team as they assessed our members' decision-making skills and responses to an interactive cyber crisis inspired by real-life events. During this interactive session, we experienced the power and importance of building an organisation’s preparedness and discovered how interactive exercising can help build the necessary muscle memory across an organisation.

Cyberbullying is not just childish mischief: It's a crime

Social networks provide the perfect platform for cyberbullying. And yet, many people who fall victim don't realise that cyberbullying is actually a crime. Watch now for a discussion on forms of cyberbullying, preventing it in the workplace and at home, reporting incidents, and the support available.

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