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Planting the seed of cybersecurity in the minds of young children

How young is too young for cyber safety discussions? What about road safety? Both are important, but we can be more worried about discussing cybersecurity than crossing a road. We look at the benefits of embedding good security practice in tomorrow’s workforce early, and how this could help us address the skills gap.

SLA vs XLA – Deliver a positive IT experience for your users

Service level agreements are a timeless business issue, especially when they are the sole measurement of success. Your IT system may technically work, but have you considered the user experience? In this webinar, we examine the issues caused by SLAs and why a positive UX is so important for staff and your bottom line.

Why automating security processes improves compliance and reduces risk

Automation can be applied at every stage of cybersecurity. It can make even the most complex analysis achievable and reduce the time to identify and mitigate threats - reducing your exposure window. Watch now to discover more reasons why a recent benchmarking study identified automation as a best practice.

Oh Behave! The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2022

Watch now for an exclusive sneak peek into key insights from the report’s findings – before its public release. One of the least understood areas of cyber resilience is that of security behaviours and attitudes. See how trends in core behaviours can help us tailor our security awareness efforts.

UK supply chains: Demanding higher security standards in supplier contracts

More interconnected digital supply chains mean amplified cyber risks. But do supplier contracts always represent a business' risk posture? If not, where can government offer support? DCMS joined us and invited feedback on this area, while explaining how to demand the right level of security in your contracts.

Why is ransomware rampant even when multi-factor authentication is used?

With 80% of all attacks utilising phishing and/or stolen credentials, MFA has been a favoured defence. But Lapsus$ and other ransomwares have been successful despite MFA deployment… Watch now for a deep dive into ransomware, MFA, phishing, and protecting your users, and to discover how malicious actors are still successful despite technical ‘safeguards’.

Modern slavery is closer than you think

Modern slavery is all around us and covers a wide range of abuse. Anyone could be a victim, often without realising. We must all take steps to prevent modern slavery in our own organisations and our supply chains. Watch now to explore types and signs of modern slavery, legislation, and available resources.

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