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A look at the DLA Piper Annual GDPR Fines and Breach Notification Report

What are the regulatory enforcement ‘hot buttons’? Are regulators growing in confidence and fining more? In this webinar we discussed these questions and reviewed DLA Piper’s 2022 report on GDPR fines and breach notifications. Watch now to learn about the major themes of last year and what it means for 2023.

Security meets safety - Attacking medical devices and infrastructures

The healthcare industry is increasingly using connected medical devices. And while interconnectivity improves the healthcare offer dramatically, it also increases attack surfaces. Watch now for an overview of the vulnerabilities affecting the medical sector, and the potential horrible effects on human health.

Backup and recovery systems were built for dinosaurs

It takes an average of 17 days to recover from a ransomware attack. How long would it take you? Is that with or without backups? We still operate as if we are backing up/recovering MBs rather than TBs of data, so learn how real-time data protection and time-sensitive recovery could keep you operational.

Breach Simulations: What we learned about the process and ourselves

Global charitable foundation Wellcome Trust started running breach simulations in 2021 and found that even in an exercise, things don’t always go according to plan. Watch now to get an insight into some of the things they discovered, and some of the unexpected benefits (and issues) that running simulations created for them.

How to maintain segmentation compliance with a hybrid infrastructure

It’s easy to assume the cloud is too dynamic for network segmentation, and as a mix of cloud and on-premise networks become more prevalent, we must look at how we handle them and remain compliant. Watch now to learn about managing zones across hybrid infrastructure and using these to understand your security posture.

The laws of cybersecurity management

After 30 years working in the digital environment to manage network fraud, conduct OSINT research and deliver training, Mark joined us and discussed what he’s learnt. He covered crisis response, competence, digital security, AI, and cryptocurrency. Watch now for what was certainly a thought-provoking conversation.

New year, new priorities: 3 questions to ask at the start of 2023

The evolving threat landscape, the importance of establishing a baseline, and how to decide where to invest your resources are all explored in this New Year session. These themes are intertwined with solutions to the common blockers for creating a secure culture. Watch now to start 2023 on the right path.

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