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If you’ve ever been to a SASIG event, you know there’s something different about them. The energy and passion our members have for learning from one another, and sharing knowledge and networking with each other, is legendary.


Every one of our events is designed as a creative and nurturing environment for all involved to enjoy collective support and mutual respect from one another. SASIG is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive space for all members, speakers and Supporters – and that includes their personal safety too.


We welcome differing opinions and open discussions at our events but expect these conversations to be engaged in with respect and professionalism. Any person attending a SASIG event, either online or in person, represents the organisation they work for and is accountable for their language and behaviour.



Zero-tolerance of bullying or harassment

SASIG operates a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying or harassment. If a behaviour is reported that is not in accordance with this Charter, the offending party may be asked to leave immediately by a member of the SASIG team. Depending on the nature of the complaint, more serious sanctions may be taken, such as revoking the offender’s membership.


SASIG also recognises that any of us can make a mistake sometimes. If someone has unwittingly said or done something that makes you feel uncomfortable, whoever they are, you should feel able to let them know, either directly or through a member of the SASIG team.


If you have inadvertently said or done something that has made another participant feel uncomfortable, you should recognise that and be able to apologise.



Reporting untoward behaviour

All complaints will be taken seriously, treated with respect and in confidence, and promptly investigated. We will support you in making your complaint, which you can do by:

  • In-person – Speaking to one of the SASIG team at our in-person events. You can familiarise yourself with them here.
  • By phone – We are available on 01234 707 035 between 8am and 6pm.
  • By email – You can write to us at


This policy is in place to protect all stakeholders attending or contributing to a SASIG event, to those hosting us. No person is exempt from this Charter, no matter their role or association.


You can download a copy of SASIG’s Safe Space Charter below.

SASIG 'Safe Space' Charter
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