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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Phishing simulations and testing is often a controversial subject, so we want to talk about it!
In this webinar we were joined by Gareth Thomas, the Security Education and Awareness Lead for Lloyds Banking Group, and Jenny Weegram, who leads their phishing simulations, to explore this topic.

When it comes to phishing simulations, they vary wildly. Whether it is simple, sophisticated, or somewhere in between, what do we hope to achieve? Please join us to share your experiences, hear how others have run phishing simulations, and learn from the experts.

• Who punished those who ‘fail’ and who praises those who ‘pass’?
• Have you seen disasters or successes through phishing testing?
• Is there a better option? Or should we just stop altogether?

With lifelong passions around technology, security and education, Gareth set about fostering a positive security culture and achieving commitment over compliance at Lloyds Banking Group.
Jenny is keen to ensure Lloyds is doing the right thing to combat the threat from phishing in its widest form as technology has enhanced security so much in the last few years.

And if you’d like to continue this discussion, join the live stream for tomorrow’s 6th CSO/CISO Roundtable event (Thursday 23 March), where Gareth will also look at maximising the benefit from simulations and the advice CISOs can offer.


Guest chaired by

Lee Cramp (info), DPO, DRO and Information Security, Department of Health and Social Care

Facilitated by

Gareth Thomas (info), Senior Manager Education & Awareness, Lloyds Banking Group


Jenny Weegram (info), Phishing Simulations Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
Liz Murray (info), Enterprise Customer Success Manager, CybSafe
Tim Ward (info), CEO & Co-founder, Think Cyber
Charlie Sinclair (info), Cyber Security Senior Awareness & Engagement Manager, Unilever

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