#8 – January 2020 “Happy New Year to you and your families” | SASIG
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Jo and I send our very best wishes to all our many friends in SASIG, the cybersecurity world and beyond and their families for the New Year and indeed the new decade. The signs at this end are for a great 12 months to come for us personally and for SASIG; we both hope with all our hearts that the world is kind to you all in 2020. 


This past year has been a momentous one for the Smith/Wise household. In December, we were absolutely delighted after 22 years to have passed ownership and control of The Security Company to its Managing Director Zoe Edmeades and her husband Tony Edmeades. This allows us to focus entirely on SASIG, we have great plans for the next few years. It also continues the tradition of the warmth and quality-of-service that a family-run business gives and ensures its continuity in the safest of hands. Jo and I wish to thank all our current and past clients and team members for their support and encouragement, it’s been enormous fun. But the time has come to hand over the reins to the next generation and we couldn’t be more confident in Zoe and Tony to continue the good work. We wish everyone at TSC the very best of good fortune as the company moves into its next phase of development and growth.


Jo and I also made the final move to t’North, to return to our Yorkshire roots and settle once and for all in Whitby. Thank you to a to-remain-anonymous metropolitan SASIG member for this New Year greetings card, I’ll have the last laugh as it takes pride of place on my desk overlooking the North Sea and I take my dog for her several daily walks on the beach.
I shall continue to run SASIG, with regular trips to the SASIG office and to London. Danny King continues to manage SASIG with his amazing energy and aplomb; his team offer him the greatest of support, they achieve an enormous amount for such a small resource, they work extremely hard and I’m proud of them all.


The past few years have seen great change politically around the world, and much unsettlement. There’s little sign that this is about to change anytime soon. The world’s entropy, its degree of disorder and randomness, seems to be growing in pace. The big stuff is in the hands of forces beyond our control; not all of them are commendable but many are, so we must have faith that good will prevail in the end.


All we can and must do at an individual level is to hang on, love our loved ones, be loyal to our friends and do our very best at home and work. I commend this strategy to you all, it has served me well for more than half a century, I have no mind to do any differently in 2020.

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Thank you for reading my blogs. I’m getting quite old now, and hopefully I’m a little wiser than I once was. I have enjoyed a fascinating career full of fascinating people, and made many great friendships. I’ve made huge errors in my lifetime, and enjoyed great success too – it’s been the ultimate game of snakes and ladders - up and down, round and round. It is my privilege to share some of my stories with you, and describe some of the lessons I’ve learned in the hope that it may both save you from falling into the same holes, and help you in your careers and lives. Good luck and good fortune.

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