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Monday 7 December, 2pm-3pm (GMT)

Dependency modelling is a way of analysing risks to an enterprise. Its origins lie in modelling risks to critical national infrastructure. It uses a variety of different approaches to describe and predict how different systems components interact and interdepend, and provides graphical representations of these relationships that help systems architects and engineers design and implement resilient systems.

In recent times where many businesses have had to quickly and completely reorganise parts of their operation to take into account staff working remotely, they may have introduced whole new touchpoints of business risk that need to be understood in the context of the business as a whole.

In this talk, Andy takes us through simple examples of how to quickly model and understand new risks, determine key sensitivities and optimise a design for maximum resilience.


Facilitated by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG


Presented by

Andy Clark (info), Director, Primary Key Associates 


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