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Monday 29 March, 2pm-3pm (BST)

As shown in recent attacks, misconfigurations in M365 are often the channels through which unauthorised use of identities and access to data occurs without alerting security teams. As the latest major attack vector, M365 requires consistent, in-depth analysis.

Join us as we explain what’s changed within the hacker community and why M365 is fast becoming the target. We’ll look at recent breaches of M365 (including the Dark Halo breach), the implications on M365, how they achieved their target undetected, and what we need to do to detect and mitigate the risk.

We are honoured to have Microsoft expert and multi-decade veteran of the InfoSec community, Aaron Turner presenting with us. He started working at Microsoft in 1999, during the days before the company had formal security teams. Aaron helped start many of Microsoft’s security initiatives and eventually was responsible for all interactions between Microsoft and its customers’ CISOs.


Facilitated by

Annick O’Brien (info),  Compliance and Privacy Counsel, Data Privacy Analytics


Presented by

Deepak Shukla (info), Technical Services Director, Secrutiny
Aaron Turner (info), Founder & CEO, Siriux


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