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Monday 17 May 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

The presentation outlines Scotland’s approach to creating the right conditions for a cyber resilient nation. Keith McDevitt presents the strategic framework for a cyber resilient Scotland and explains how the partnership will help deliver against the four supporting action plans.

Kirstie Steele gives a demonstration of the CyberScotland Portal, and Ciara Mitchell discusses the success of CyberScotland Week, and reveals how they are growing Scotland’s Cyber Cluster.

Declan Doyle also showcases some of the projects the partnership supports, including a service to support small businesses and charities who help victims of cyber attacks.

To finish, we hear from Jude McCorry, Partnership Chair, on her views on the longer-term opportunities.

Overall, the session covers:

  • The launch of the CyberScotland Partnership
  • Cyber Resilience Framework
  • CyberScotland Partnership Portal demonstration and bulletins
  • CyberScotland Week evaluation
  • Overview of Exercise in a Box Project
  • SBRC Incident Response insight
  • How the CyberScotland Partnership is moving forward


Presented by

Keith McDevitt, Cyber Resilience Integrator, Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit
Kirstie Steele, Cyber Resilience Community Lead, SBRC
Ciara Mitchell, Head of Cyber, ScotlandIS
Declan Doyle, Head of Ethical Hacking, SBRC
Jude McCorry, CEO, SBRC, and Chair, CyberScotland Partnership


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