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Wednesday 2 June 2021, 2pm-3pm (BST)

The government is preparing a new National Cyber Strategy and in doing so is reviewing existing legislation such as the Computer Misuse Act (CMA).

This is where the SASIG community comes in.

The Home Office is seeking your views on whether the Act is fit for purpose, including whether it sufficiently enables law enforcement to prosecute cases of cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes. They are asking for feedback from industry professionals on legislation and welcome any other suggestions on how the response to cyber-dependent crime could be strengthened within the legislative context.

During the session, Justin Millar, Head of International Cybercrime Policy for the Home Office, also outlined the Government’s way forward.

Attendees give their input on:

  • How organisations use or are affected by the CMA
  • Gaps in legislation
  • Potential future developments which should be covered
  • Whether law enforcement agencies have adequate powers to investigate and tackle cybercrime
  • Sentencing for cyber-related crimes
  • International best practice

You can find out more and complete the Call for Information here.

The Call is open for submissions until 8 June 2021.


Guest chaired by

Peter Yapp (info), Partner, Schillings LLP


Presented by

Justin Millar, Head of International Cybercrime Policy, Home Office


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