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Friday 4 June 2021, 11am-12.30pm (BST)

Organisations evolve to survive as much as to flourish. Never has this been truer than in the era of the digital revolution.

The pandemic has accelerated change and forced us to adapt at a pace we might not have chosen. We have endured the disruptions of lockdown and adapted to that. Now we are in the process of adapting again.

How do we cope as organisations and individuals against a backdrop of more change and more uncertainty? How do we overcome reticence to embrace the new opportunities emerging? How important is an organisation’s culture to its resilience and the resilience of its people? What is trust, how important is it in an organisation’s culture, and what happens when it is undermined?

Guest chaired by

Deborah Haworth (info), CISO, Penguin Random House UK

Presented by

Tarquin Follis OBE (info), Vice Chairman, Reliance acsn


Oz Alashe MBE (info), CEO, Cybsafe
Liz Murray (info), Security Culture and Awareness Lead, FNZ Group
John Taylor (info), Senior Research Fellow, King’s College, London


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