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Monday 7 June 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

An alternative title for this webinar could be ‘How managers learned to stop blaming others and recognise that they may have contributed to the problems they subsequently have to manage…’.

The term crisis is often used incorrectly. At its core, the notion of a crisis can be seen to imply that an organisation is close to, or has passed, the point at which organisational controls have already failed catastrophically. It also implies the organisation may not be able to contain the task demands it faces and additional resources are needed in order to address those challenges.

However, crisis – along with the notion of risk – is often misused, and invariably applied to high profile and catastrophic events. There is another aspect of the crisis process that concerns the day-to-day management practices that can embed the vulnerability for failure within the very systems and processes that managers are in place to manage! Put another way, managers become the ‘authors of their own misfortune’ by generating the foundational elements for failure that are exposed by a triggering event.

This presentation explores the processes around what happens when management theory and practice hit the fan!


Guest chaired by

Chris Leonard (info), Senior Manager European IT Security and Global Compliance, KraftHeinz


Presented by

Denis Fischbacher-Smith (info), Professor of Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow


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