Do video games really breed hackers? | SASIG
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Monday 5 July 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

We hear often that online games are a gateway for young people to enter the hacking world, but is the problem really as big as portrayed? How does it happen? Does cheating at a video game actually encourage young people to turn black hat, or is there more at work?

We explore how the online wild west of gaming seemingly escalates young gamers from downloading simple cheat codes to launching full-scale DDoS attacks and even being involved in state-sponsored espionage.

Is a cause-and-effect in play here, or do hackers just happen to like playing video games?

Guest chaired by

Philip Virgo (info), Convenor, Norwood Community Safety Partnership, and Director, Winsafe

Presented by

Joseph Wise (info), Community Maker, The SASIG


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