SASIG IoT Academy Session 2: IoT; the threat it poses and how to secure it | SASIG
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Friday 9 July 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere – in our homes, on our streets, and connected to our corporate networks – but with little regulation and sparse security or technical standards, identifying and securing IoT devices on our networks can be a mammoth challenge. How secure are our IoT devices, and what opportunities do they offer bad actors?

In this session, we look at the cybersecurity issue IoT devices pose to organisations and how to secure them. We take a deep dive into ringfencing principles which can be applied to IoT devices and why this is important, as well as how we can use AI techniques to identify shadow devices and understand their behaviour.

Guest chaired by

Peter Wood (info), Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP

Presented by

Bob Vickers (info), Head of UK&I, Ordr

Phil Davies (info), Principal Consultant & Lead Architect, Secrutiny

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