SASIG IoT Academy Session 3: What can we learn from the OT world? | SASIG
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Friday 16 July 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

While it’s fair to say that the cybersecurity of operational technology (OT) is not near the maturity of enterprise IT, it’s far beyond that of the IoT world. Because it is often being used in heavily regulated environments or making up business critical assets, we are pushed to take the need for secure OT seriously, even if it is limited to those organisations who use it. The IoT world, however, is a wild west of device-to-device communication with little regulation and few industry standards.

We are already surrounded by an ever-increasing amount of IoT at work and in the home, and a cybersecurity nightmare is looming. In this session we examine how we secure OT systems to see what lessons can be learned and applied to IoT devices and networks in the future.

Guest chaired by

Peter Wood (info), Partner, Naturally Cyber LLP

Presented by

Tim Snape, Head of IOT Security, Vodafone
Rob Vann (info), Chief Solutions Officer, Reliance acsn
Kristin Demoranville (info), Head, Cyber Risk Advisory Americas, BSI


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