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Monday 18 October 2021, 11am-12noon (BST)

Did you know 1/3 of cybersecurity professionals have had personal experience of harassment online?

Respect in Security is pushing for change and is committed to working alongside organisations that truly wish to make their workplaces more welcoming and inclusive.

We are privileged to have two of the group’s co-founders join us to explain their new movement in infosec, which is making drastic changes and aiming to stamp out abuse and harassment in our industry, and why they created it.

The group wants organisations to be more transparent and accountable in their reporting channels and to help drive positivity in the interactions between professionals within our industry.

Their mission is to assure victims and potential victims that the industry they have chosen does not support harassment, and to arm people entering cybersecurity with the knowledge that their peers and employers are there to support them should they ever be targeted.

Find out how we as professionals and organisations can help make a difference – improving the industry now and for future generations.

Guest chaired by

Chris Leonard (info), Chairman & Founder, Senior Manager European IT Security and Global Compliance, KraftHeinz

Presented by

Lisa Forte (info), Co-founder, Respect in Security
Regina Bluman (info), Co-founder, Respect in Security

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