How is the cyber threat landscape shaping regulatory requirements? | SASIG
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Wednesday 27 April 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)

Orpheus’ Head of Analysis, Oliver Fairbank, talks through how the key developments in the cyber threat landscape are increasingly shaping the regulatory landscape in the UK, and the key lessons in enhancing cyber resilience from Orpheus’ extensive experience in delivering CTI for intelligence-led security testing schemes.

Ade Taylor of Secrutiny also explains how Covid forced internal and external SOCs into non-compliance with some policies and regulations, and his thoughts for the future of operating secure environments.

Chaired by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG

Presented by

Ade Taylor (info), Technical Director, Secrutiny
Oliver Fairbank (info), Head of Analysis, Orpheus Cyber

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