Special expert panel: A situation report on the Russia-Ukrainian invasion | SASIG
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Wednesday 5 May 2022, 10am-12noon (BST)

Our expert panel discussed the ongoing war in Ukraine. Despite early predictions of a speedy Russian military victory, the war has entered its third month, with continuing implications for European security and concomitant impact on businesses in the UK and elsewhere. 

The panel provided a geopolitical overview focusing on the key threat vectors, including cyber espionage, information operations, and disruptive attacks online.

They explored the continuing implications of Russian state cyber operations in support of military operations, including beyond the theatre of war, and what that means for our security, as well as the activities of other cyber actors such as hacker groups and criminal gangs.

While there is no information to suggest a deliberate targeting of UK organisations for attack, preparations to make us resilient remain a sound decision. The panel concluded with advice to help organisations bolster their defences.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, this webinar could only be watched live. Another panel to discuss updates is planned for Monday 6 June, so please join us then.


Chaired by

Martin Smith MBE (info), Chairman & Founder, The SASIG

Facilitated by

Tarquin Folliss OBE (info), , Reliance acsn


Rob Black (info), Lecturer of Information Activities, Cranfield University
Lisa Forte, Partner, Red Goat Cyber Security
Dr Jamie Collier
(info), Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor, Mandiant
Professor Paul Baines (info), Political Marketing and Deputy Dean, University of Leicester
Andy Garth (info), Government Affairs Lead, ESET

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