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Friday 23 September 2022, 11am-12noon (BST)

Until recently, many parents said they didn’t want their young children to have access to the internet. Then came Covid and the lockdown, and the home schooling that went with it. Now, many young children coming into school for the first time already have their favourite apps or games and sometimes sites.

We must stop assuming that all technology users are adults, and remember that children have access to technology at a much younger age than ever before. These young users will also become adult users, and potentially our employees – so surely we should encourage good cyber practices early?

But, when and how can (and should) we start to introduce cybersecurity to children? And how do we do that without scaring them? The answer is the same way we teach them to play nicely with others in the real world; we chat, we tell stories, and we guide and support them.

This is why Wendy, an experienced teacher, lecturer, author and cybersecurity expert, has written the ‘Nettie in Cyberland’ series – to help children, teachers and parents talk about issues relevant to young children in a meaningful but friendly way. 

In this webinar Wendy talks about the challenges of helping children begin to learn about cyber self-defence, and why digital skills are vital at a young age when we live in such a technology-centred world. We also look at how learning about the digital world early could help us address the skills gap and encourage more girls and women into tech.

Guest chaired by

Simon Mair (info), Head of Information Risk and Data Protection, Brewin Dolphin

Presented by

Wendy Goucher (info), Author, and Cyber Risk and Assurance Consultant, Goucher Consulting

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