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Tuesday 27 September 2022

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After a three-year hiatus, we were finally able to return to Edinburgh for our annual meeting. We are always delighted at the way the size and seniority of our Scottish audience increases each time, and this year lived up to it!

We are most grateful to our hosts, Lloyds Banking Group, whose generosity allowed us to arrange this important meeting, at which we discussed a miscellany of security and data protection topics.

We brought together several attendees from each organisation – security managers accompanied by their legal, HR, procurement/supply colleagues, etc. This combination has worked exceptionally well at a whole variety of SASIG events. It has generated energised and most productive discussions, and we know it has subsequently led to closer working relationships amongst those who have attended together. We have continued to build upon this success, and we are most grateful for your help in this.

Presentations on the day included:

Opening keynote – Supply Chain & Continual Assurance
Presented by Valerie Mann Third Party Resilience & Security, Lloyds Banking Group 

Cyber Scotland Week – What is it and how does it work?
Presented by Fiona Thomson, Cyber Scotland Week Co-ordinator, 
and Ciara Mitchell, Head of Cyber Cluster / UKC3 Director, ScotlandIS

Compliance and the Art of Possible
Presented by Greig Ferguson, Senior Consultant – Data Governance, BSI

Managing the growing number of emerging vulnerabilities with intelligence
Brought to you by SASIG Supporter Secrutiny
Presented by Oliver Fairbank, Head of Intelligence, Orpheus
and Sam Murdock, VP EMEA, Cymulate

Protecting your organisations’ Very Attacked People (VAPs)
Presented by Andrew Rose, Resident CISO – EMEA, Proofpoint

Four minutes to midnight: Early warnings, near miss detection, and the incubation of crisis
Presented by Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Professor of Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow

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