Operational resilience and cyber: How to build resilient organisations | SASIG
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Monday 7 November 2022, 11am-12noon (GMT)

Resilience is vital in organisations because it can help mitigate the wide range of impacts from a cyber attack – from the physical, economic and reputational harm on the organisation to the psychological harm on your employees.

All forms of harm can damage your cybersecurity capability, reducing resilience and increasing risk.

Traditional training and a playbook just don’t cut it when a business faces the complexity of the cyber threat. Your team’s preparedness – how people respond and work together under pressure – will determine how resilient your organisation is.

If your people are not resilient, then neither is your system. Watch now to find out how you can build team resilience in your organisation.

Guest chaired by

Deborah Haworth (info), Director of Information Security, Penguin Random House UK

Presented by

Bec McKeown (info), Director of Human Science, Immersive Labs
Dan Potter (info), Director of Operational Resilience, Immersive Labs

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