Influence and behaviour change – Securing the human factor | SASIG
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Friday 5 May 2023, 11am-12noon (BST)

When 90% of cyber-attacks start with the human user, and technical controls can never be 100%, we need our people to be the last line of defence. In this webinar, Think Cyber explore how an understanding of influence, persuasion and behavioural science theory can be applied to security awareness. Tim will touch on Cialdini, Fogg, Com-B and more.

We hear how leading organisations are realising we can influence behaviours for good, learn about the importance of timely cues to drive behaviours, and explore examples of how cognitive psychology, behavioural and social science can and are being used to guide user behaviour.

Watch this webinar for real-world examples and ways that all organisations (including yours) can apply the theories to drive secure behaviour change.

Guest chaired by

Matthew Parker (info), Chief Information Security Officer, Mourant

Presented by

Tim Ward (info), CEO & Co-founder, Think Cyber

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