Why do lemons exist in the cybersecurity market and how can we avoid them? | SASIG
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Wednesday 31 May 2023, 11am-12noon (BST)

This webinar we discussed whether we have a ‘market for lemons’ in cybersecurity and, if so, how do we fix it?
As well as discussing how we should define cybersecurity ‘efficacy’, Joseph Hubback and Charly Davis joined us to share some primary research based on interviews with more than 100 CISOs and other industry stakeholders about their experiences with ineffective solutions (lemons).
Joseph and Charly also proposed changes to market incentives to increase efficacy and rid ourselves of ‘lemons’, based on a Charter for improvement that he co-authored with Professor Ciaran Martin.
The discussion will enable you as practitioners to think through how to improve the efficacy of the solutions you procure from the market, and will share some tips and tricks for engagement.

Guest chaired by

Robert Coles (info), Non-Executive Director, Chair and advisor of various Boards

Presented by

Joseph Hubback (info), MD EMEA and Global Academy, ISTARI-Global
Charly Davis (info), , ISTARI-Global

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