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Tuesday 13 June 2023

In person – Edinburgh

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We were delighted to be in Edinburgh once more and hosted at The University of Edinburgh’s famous campus. Cyberspace continues to evolve. Technology advances whether it is the latest developments in monitoring or the emergence of new capabilities such as generative AI like ChatGPT. Threats are exploiting the changing technological landscape and the new geopolitical realities, often catching defenders on the hop.

As a sector, cybersecurity continues to face a skills challenge in a very competitive market. One constant is that the point of vulnerability remains the interface between the human operator and tech. We considered emerging technologies and what impact they might have on our security and resilience; whether our defences are always reactive and how we might change; and how we get the balance right between investing in technical ‘solutions’ and improving our human response. Finally, a role-playing session illustrates how we might best respond to an incident and what it demonstrates about our own resilience.

Presentations on the day included:

Welcome and introductions
Alistair Fenemore, CISO, The University of Edinburgh
Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith (info), Research Chair in Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow

Keynote presentation: : Is this the Digital Dark Age?
Presented by Garry Scobie (info), Deputy CISO, The University of Edinburgh

Panel session: Every evolution in security is a response to the changing threat landscape – discuss
Facilitated by Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith (info), Research Chair in Risk and Resilience, University of Glasgow
Tariq Elahi, Lecturer in Security and the Internet of Things, The University of Edinburgh
Michael Pennington, Group Head of Security and Information Governance, InHealth Group
Keith McDevitt, Cyber Security Integrator, Scottish Cyber Coordination Centre

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)
Facilitated by Lee Rendell (info), Senior Pre-Sales Manager, Kaspersky
and Richard Porter, Head of Presales, Kaspersky

Panel session: Humans vs machines – how do we get the balance right when it comes to resilience?
Facilitated by Karina Reid, Security Governance and Awareness Analyst, Computershare 
Nadin Kökciyan (info), Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, The University of Edinburgh
Dr Robin Hill, Lecturer in Cognitive Science, The University of Edinburgh
Tim Ward (info), Co-founder and CEO, Think Cyber

Data sovereignty in a globalised world
Presented by Josh McLaughlin, Chief Commercial Officer, Worldr

In the moment nudges – What? How? Applying nudge theory to awareness
Presented by Tim Ward (info), Co-founder and CEO, Think Cyber

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