The internet is a key component of CNI – How vulnerable is it to attacks? | SASIG
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Friday 23 June 2023, 11am-12noon (BST)

This presentation explains how Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) works and how it can be hijacked for various purposes – with real-life examples.

Border Gateway Protocol is the address book of the internet. It provides a network-by-network set of directions on how to get to any IP address. But BGP can be disrupted by malicious actors – they advertise invalid routes to disrupt traffic and re-direct it around the internet for the benefit of the hackers.

See a software model to visually illustrate how BGP hijacking propagates through the internet, learn how the disruption can be accelerated by utilising botnets, and discover how well-prepared we are to deal with this type of attack.

Guest chaired by

Darren Fellows, Security Profession Capability Lead, DWP

Presented by

Simon Clayton-Mitchell (info), Security Specialist, Node4

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